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If you want to buy a pair of Nike SB Dunks, it may take some time and effort, especially for those very popular styles. Nike SB Dunks are often highly sought-after due to their unique designs and limited releases, and many of them sell out very quickly after release. 

If you don't find the right one on the authentic market, or if you're a little short on cash these days, you might want to check out the replica sneaker seller: Sneakersrep, who recently added a dozen or so Nike SB dunks to their collection, in a variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from. The QC warranty and return policy is something you don't have to worry about.


Nike SB Dunks

Nike SB Dunks is Nike's line of skateboarding shoes that originated in 2002. They are different in design and functionality compared to traditional basketball shoes. When you see Nike SB Dunks for the first time, you may be attracted by their bright colors and unique designs. These shoes are usually made of high-quality materials such as leather, suede, and canvas. In addition, they are added with extra padding and support to meet the needs of skateboarders.


Have you noticed that many street artists and musicians love to wear Nike SB Dunks? This is because this shoe is more than just a sneaker, it also represents an attitude and lifestyle. It is closely connected with street culture, music, and fashion, and has become a symbol of youth.

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List of 10 Nike SB Dunks


1. Nike Dunk Low Vast Grey School Red FJ0832-011, US$ 89.00



2. Nike Dunk Low Midnight Navy FH7800-400, US$ 99.00


3. Nike Dunk Low Phantom Metallic Gold (Women's) DX5930-001, US$ 99.00


4. Nk SB Dunk Low GP1255-022, US$ 99.00



5. Nike Dunk Low Medium Olive (Women's), US$ 99.00


6. Nike Dunk Low Dark Marina Blue DJ6188-400, US$ 99.00


7. Nike Dunk Low Pink Foam Black (Women's) DJ9955-600, US$ 109.00


8. Powerpuff Girls x Dunk Low Pro SB QS 'Bubbles', US$ 109.00



9. Nike Dunk Low EMB NBA 75th Anniversary Brooklyn Nets, US$ 99.00


10. Nike SB Dunk Low Decon N7 Black Sail FD6951-300, US$129.00



About Replica Sneakers FAQs


Replica Sneakers: What exactly are they?


Replica sneakers, often referred to as "replica shoes", are highly imitated and recreated versions of a popular or classic sneaker. These shoes are meant to mimic the look and feel of the original shoe, but they are not made by the original brand.


Why do replica shoes exist?


  1. 1. Economic factors. Original limited edition shoes are often expensive, and replica shoes offer a relatively economical alternative, allowing more consumers to purchase their favorite shoe designs at a lower price.
  3. 2. Scarcity. Some classic or limited edition shoes are difficult to purchase, and replica shoes provide another way for consumers to own these shoes.

  4. 3. Collection and Fashion. For some consumers, replica shoes are part of their street fashion or part of their shoe collection.


What is the difference between replica shoes and original shoes?


Although replica shoes are meant to mimic the original shoes, they may differ in materials, manufacturing processes and details. This is why replica shoes are usually priced lower than the originals.


Controversy over replica shoes


The existence of replica shoes has triggered some controversies, especially in terms of brand rights and intellectual property rights. Some brands may take legal action against the production and sale of illegal replica shoes.

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