Black and White Nike Dunks: what are they called?

In the world of sneakers, Nike Dunks are undoubtedly a legend. From the basketball court to the streets, this shoe has come a long way and become a symbol of fashion and culture. Especially the classic black and white color scheme, it is not just a pair of shoes, but also a memory of an era. So, these black and white Dunks, which are sought after by many shoe fans, what exactly are they called?


Introduction of Nike Dunks

Debuting in 1985, the Nike Dunks were originally designed as a basketball shoe. But it soon transcended the basketball court and became a favorite among skateboarders, artists, and street culture enthusiasts. With its rugged design, comfortable fit, and unique color palette, Dunks has established an impenetrable position in the sneaker market.

The diversity of Nike Dunks is what makes them unique compared to other sneaker brands. From low tops to high tops, from simple colors to intricate patterns, the Dunks line meets the needs of almost every consumer. Each Dunks has its own unique story and background, which is why it appeals to so many shoe fans.

Features of Black and White Dunks

When we talk about the Black and White Dunks, the first thing that comes to mind is its minimalist and uncomplicated design. The shoe comes in a classic black-and-white color scheme, making it perfect for everyday wear as well as a highlight for special occasions. The black color of the upper contrasts with the white color of the sole, making it stand out from the rest of the Dunks.

While there are many different styles and colors in the Dunks collection, the Black and White Dunks are particularly loved for their classic and versatile nature.

Black and White Dunks are more than just a pair of sneakers. With the rise of street culture, it is becoming an icon of hip-hop, skateboarding, and street dance culture. Many well-known artists, musicians, and celebrities have appeared in public wearing the shoe, furthering its place in pop culture. Its minimalist design and classic colorways have made it a fashion favorite, both on the runway and in everyday life.

When we talk about street sneakers, there are many other brands and styles besides Dunks, such as Adidas' Superstar and Puma's Suede, but the black and white Dunks stand out due to their unique design and deep cultural background. Compared to other shoes, it is more classic and represents the essence of street culture.


Official Name & Popular Names

The official name of these classic black and white Dunks is "Nike Dunk Low Black White". However, it is known by many different nicknames amongst fans and consumers alike.

Due to the popularity of the shoe, fans have come up with nicknames such as "B/W Dunks", "Panda Dunks" or simply "Black and White Low White". ".

Overall, no matter what you call it, the Black and White Dunks are an important part of Nike's history, representing the brand's legacy and innovation, and a timeless classic for fans.

Final Words

The Black and White Dunks are undoubtedly one of the most popular styles in the Dunks collection. And it is one of the must-have collectibles for shoe fans. Show off your personality and taste by wearing them, whether you pair them with jeans or skirts, they will add a touch of flair to your look.


Why is the Nike Dunks Low so expensive?

The high price of the Nike Dunks Low owes a lot to its hype and limited release strategy. The Nike SB Dunk Low, in particular, was a limited edition model that was released in collaboration with several well-known brands and artists, which made the shoe attract a large number of fans at the time of its release. This scarcity created a huge market demand, causing its resale price to skyrocket.

What is the retail price of the Black and White Dunk?

The official retail price for the January 2021 release of the Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black is set at $100 USD. 

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What makes the Panda Dunk so popular?

The Nike Dunk Low Panda is a favorite first and foremost thanks to its classic and versatile black and white color scheme, a minimalist design that makes it suitable for a variety of occasions and outfits. Furthermore, the silhouette of the Dunk Low is one of Nike's trademarks, and this low-top model maintains its classic styling, such as the iconic cyclone logo and tongue design.

Which Nike Dunk is the most popular?

The Black and White Panda colorway has undoubtedly been the most popular and sought-after Nike Dunk in recent years, but in addition to that, there are several other well-loved colorways and styles in the Nike Dunk lineup. For more popular Nike Dunk Low shoes, you can check out our 10 top picks for you.

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