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Air Jordan 1 Mid (176)

The Air Jordan 1 was the first basketball shoe designed by Nike specifically for NBA player Michael Jordan. Introduced in 1985, it quickly became an icon in both basketball and street culture.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a mid-top version of the Air Jordan 1 High. Compared to the High and Low versions, the Mid variant maintains the charm of the original design but offers a more casual and everyday option.

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How to style the Air Jordan 1 Mid?

1. Casual Look: Pair with a relaxed tee, jeans, and a cap.

2. Athletic Vibe: Go for a sporty top, track pants, and a sports cap.

3. Minimalist Approach: Match with a simple white tee and black trousers.

4.Feminine Touch: Style with skirts or dresses.

The key is to ensure a cohesive look that complements the sneakers while showcasing your personal style.

How to maintain and clean the Air Jordan 1 Mid?

1. Gently brush off dust using a soft shoe brush.

2. Wipe the surface with a mixture of mild detergent and warm water.

3. Let them air dry in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight.

4. For leather parts, use a leather conditioner.

5. When storing, keep in a shoebox or a breathable space.

6.Regular simple care can keep the shoes in good condition.

Why do some people think mids are junk shoes?

This view may be due to the contempt chain that Nike has set for consumers. Consumers should choose shoes based on their preferences and budget, rather than being influenced by their fetus.