What should I do after the payment has been Successful/Failed

What should I do after the payment has been Successful?

Dear SneakersRep customer:

In order to ensure the smooth delivery of your shoes, please make sure you complete the following 3 steps after successful payment!

Step 1: Confirm Order Information
After successful payment, customer service will usually send you an order confirmation via Whatsapp: +86 13123366487 or Email to: sneakersrep001@gmail.comOrder confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours.

What you should do?

1) Check your WhatsApp and email to make sure the email is not in the spam folder.
2) Double-check your measurements, shipping address, phone number and other information to make sure it's correct, and then reply to the customer service confirmation message (e.g. "All information is correct").

Step 2: Confirm QC photos
If your order requires QC photos, usually within 1-3 business days, customer service will send you QC photos (quality control photos, i.e. photos of the shoes) via WhatsApp or email to ensure your satisfaction with the shoes.

What should you do?
View the quality check photos and if you are satisfied, reply to customer service with a confirmation message and allow customer service to start shipping.

Step 3: Obtain Logistics Tracking Number
After completing the quality check image confirmation, we will begin shipping your shoes. Usually, customer service will send you the tracking number and tracking website within 3-5 business days. (The exact time depends on how fast the logistics company sends the number).

It usually takes 7-15 business days to arrive after shipment.

What should you do?
Please be patient and check your WhatsApp or Email for the tracking number at the times mentioned above.
Typically, tracking sites rarely update information in the first 10 days. Please be patient as the local post office will provide feedback and updates when you arrive in the next country. If more information is not updated after 10 days, please contact Customer Service to resolve the issue.

What should I do after the payment has been Failed?
Dear SneakersRep Customer: 
Usually when you pay by credit card, the bank will review the payment first, if your order payment fails, you can follow the steps below to deal with it:

What you should do ?
1) If the order payment fails and shows "donhoured" (not honored), it means the bank needs to confirm whether the cardholder made the payment or not.

You need to call your bank and provide them with the serial number of the credit card payment and ask them to pay through this order.

2) Try to re-pay the order or switch to another credit card.Unpaid or unpaid orders will not result in a chargeback.

3) If payment fails due to "high risk" or other reasons, try a few more times or switch to a different credit card payment method.

4) If you are still unable to pay by credit card, contact customer service via whatsapp or email.


If you still have questions about your order, please feel free to contact customer service via the following contact information

Call Center Whatsapp: +86 13123366487

Email: sneakersrep001@gmail.com

Note: Due to the time difference, sometimes WhatsApp can't reply and customer service can't reply your message in time, please be patient. Customer service staff will reply as soon as possible after seeing your message.

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